Does the Classroom Need to Install a Carbon Dioxide Detector?

With the growth of the population, the number of students is also increasing, and many schools have appeared the phenomenon of “large class”. There are many students, but the classroom space is limited, especially in winter, when the temperature is low, most schools require students to do indoor activities. In the past, it will lead to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide(CO2 meter) in the classroom and endanger the health of students.

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High concentration carbon dioxide itself has stimulation and anesthetic effects, and can cause hypoxia and asphyxia in the body. Especially when students concentrate on learning, their nervous system is nervous. If the indoor carbon dioxide concentration is too high, it will cause dizziness, headache, muscle weakness, and general malaise; Severe cases may cause chest tightness, tinnitus, and elevated blood pressure; What’s more, it may cause palpitations, dyspnea and death.

Therefore, in order to protect the physical and mental health of students and create a good learning environment for students, Deyi Electronic Technology( a gas detector manufacturer)suggested that the classroom should be equipped with a carbon dioxide meterto ensure the safety of the indoor gas environment

The carbon dioxide gas detection alarm is a precision instrument focusing on the detection of carbon dioxide concentration. It continuously monitors the carbon dioxide concentration in the air for 24 hours. When it exceeds the preset value, it will immediately send out an audible and visual alarm signal to remind teachers and students to ventilate and evacuate as soon as possible. This effectively ensures the safety of teachers and students in the classroom.

So, how to install carbon dioxide meter in the classroom?

1. The carbon dioxide detector should not be installed in a place with a lot of water vapor and water drops (relative humidity is 90%), otherwise the carbon dioxide sensor will be damaged if the water vapor is too high for a long time.

2. The carbon dioxide sensor shall not be installed in the place where the temperature is below – 30 ℃ and above 50 ℃.

3. The carbon dioxide detector shall not be installed in the place with high concentration of smoke, jet insecticide (vaporizer), flammable solvent (coating), or it may cause alarm.

4. The carbon dioxide detector shall not be installed at the exhaust outlet, ventilator, door and other places with large air flow, which may affect the accuracy of the carbon dioxide detector.

5. After the CO2 detector alarms, do not turn on the electrical switch; Confirm the cause of high carbon dioxide concentration and deal with it in a timely manner: if the cause is unknown, please contact the relevant gas department for thorough inspection.

6. The carbon dioxide detector shall not be installed in a place with strong electromagnetic field

The carbon dioxide detection alarm is an important security equipment to ensure the safety of the gas environment in the classroom. After the installation of the carbon dioxide detector, teachers and students should pay attention to the maintenance, which needs to be strengthened to prevent students from disassembling and installing the instrument indiscriminately, and do not pull, collide or damage the instrument forcibly. If the instrument fails, consult a dedicated person or contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

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