CO alarm

How does a CO alarm work?

A CO alarm is powered by long-life alkaline or lithium batteries and It requires regular checks. The CO alarm should be installed in addition to the smoke detector. All recommended carbon

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Who needs a CO detector alarm?

Anyone who wants to protect themselves or their family against carbon monoxide needs a CO detector. A CO detector is designed to protect you from the poisonous gas carbon monoxide by warning you

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Particulate matter pollution

The invisible danger

Air pollution does not only become a health risk when it can be seen with the naked eye, but is particularly dangerous when the pollutant particles are at their smallest. Fine

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Dust: Small, but mighty

Wiping up, waving away, vacuuming away – this is how most people relate to dust. A close look at the inconspicuous, gray substance reveals an amazing microcosm whose “inhabitants” not

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OEM/ODM Carbon Dioxide Meter TC 10000A

Why You Should Measure CO2

How CO2 is Produced? Carbon dioxide (CO2), naturally present in the atmosphere, is a molecule produced by the human body during respiration. Its concentration in indoor air depends on both

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