NDIR CO2 Sensor TUYA WIFI connect CO2 PPM Alarm carbon dioxide detector DY001

Eco-deyi DY001

-WiFi  TUYA APP,datas transfer to mobile phones  to check CO2 values Wireless

-Integrated detection with CO2/Temperature/Humidity 

-Auto calibration 

-Exceeding Alarming with auto detection and auto measuring 

-if People complains peep sounds every few minutes or hours, sound alarm function can be shut off by hand operation. 

-Color light, easy to understand. 


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  • Carbon dioxide concentration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Public places

The densely populated place such as meeting room, classroom, exhibition hall, hospitals, department stores, bars, hotel, air port, railway station and entertainment hall, etc. the carbon dioxide detector may be used for ventilation control and environment quality monitoring So, it is used to guarantee body health.

  • Agriculture

The carbon dioxide may be used for plant photosynthesis. Therefore, it is widely used for agriculture. The air fertilizer with proper concentration may improve output of agricultural crops. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is not sufficient, air fertilizer may be used. It will give great help for whether the vegetable growth or improvement of vegetable.

  • Animal husbandry

The air quality concerns healthy growth of animals. If the air is turbid for a long time and the concentration of carbon dioxide is high and ventilation is not provided, the animal will get ill or epidemic disease may burst out. Therefore, installation of carbon dioxide detector at livestock farm may prevent occurrence of animal epidemics.

  • Industry

The carbon dioxide detector is widely used in the Industry such as wastewater treatment, factory building, workshop, temperature, cleaning room, production safety and all types of Industries. Especially, it is very necessary to monitor the carbon dioxide in borehole operation. The carbon dioxide detector is used generally in metal processing, paper pulp and paper making, cleaning and solvent extraction as well as lower temperature cleaning and carbon dioxiderelevant Industry.

Temperature accuracy±3%
CO2 measurement range370-9999 PPM
Concentration Resolution1 PPM
Concentration Accuracy±3% of readings of ±40PPM
Temperature measurement range-20℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity measurement range0-99% RH
Dimension80*80*55 mm
BatteryBuilt-in 1500mAh lithium battery
Power supply5V/ USB
Working time≥8 hours
Humidity accuracy±5% RH



high accuracy

Auto Calibration function

It will always keep a high measurement accuracy to the detector

Small LCD HD display

Low power consumption with simple and clear system instructions


Exquisite structural design provide us the scientific basis for detecting

Custom options available

Design corresponding according to different requirements, such as language

portable USB charging

Universal USB port supports fast charging of devices

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