Multifunctional Air Quality Monitor 12 in 1 Indoor air Pollution Meter Micro-dust Detector Measures CO2 VOC, Particle Matter Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and Humidity

12 in 1 multi-gas detector from Deyi
Adopts the  8-inch touch color display and the power supply adopts three channels, 12V adapter power supply, 5V/USB power supply, built-in 10,000 mA polymer li-battery, and can be
used as electronic Album use, record data 43200 groups, local record data curve view, daily,weekly curve, can set alarm value and alarm mode, alarm setting, screen brightness,computer connection to read the disk PDF file
Test items: 
1. PM2.5 (air quality)  2. PM10 (air quality)
3. CO2 (carbon dioxide)  4. HCHO (formaldehyde)
5. TVOC (volatile matter)  6. Air (atmospheric pressure)
7. CO (carbon monoxide)  8. CH4 (methane)
9. Smoke  10. TEMP (ambient temperature)
11. Humidity (ambient humidity)  12. AQI (Air Quality Index)
13. Body Temp
12 in 1 DY002

1. Power button: long press to turn on or off
2.TYPE-C interface : for human body temperature measurement module/standby 5V power supply
3. MicroUSB interface: spare 5V charging and power supply
4. Power supply 12V interface: power supply and charging power supply (preferred)
5.USB5V output interface: charge other devices

dy002 application

School, greenhouse planting. Family. Industrial plant. Meeting room, etc.


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air quality detector
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