Hazards of Excessively High Carbon Dioxide Concentrations

What are the dangers of carbon dioxide?

Co2 is denser than air, so it is not hazardous to human beings when it is low degree. Still, when it goes beyond a specific amount, it affects the breathing of humans (as well as various other microorganisms) since the concentration of carbonic acid in the blood increases, making it much more acidic and producing acidosis. For this reason, we usually use CO2 detectors to monitor the CO2 concentration.

If the volume fraction of co2 in the air is 1%, you will feel stale, dizzy, and also palpitating; if it is 4% -5%, you will certainly feel lightheaded; if it is 6% or more, you will certainly really feel overwhelmed and also your breathing will progressively stop, causing death. Because carbon dioxide is much heavier than air, the concentration is higher in low-lying locations. According to the research, the normal level of CO ₂ is 0.04%. 1% of CO ₂ makes people feel stuffy, dizzy, and palpitating, 4% -5% makes individuals feel shortness of breath, headache as well as wooziness, as well as 10%, makes individuals pass out, end up being delirious, stop breathing and die.

Effects of carbon dioxide on people

The degree of carbon dioxide affects the life and the remainder of humans, the degree of co2, and human physiological feedbacks, are as follow.

350 to 450ppm: same as the general exterior atmosphere
350 ~ 1000ppm: Fresh air and also smooth breathing.
1000 ~ 2000ppm: The air feels overcast, and you start to feel sleepy.
2000-5000ppm: Headache, sleepiness, dullness, lack of ability to concentrate, quick heartbeat, mild nausea.
Greater than 5000ppm: Might trigger severe oxygen deprivation, causing permanent mental retardation, coma, or perhaps death.

CO2 Concentrations on the Human Body

With the boosting use of carbon dioxide gas in various sectors, the demands for co2 degrees in manufacturing operations are growing rigid.
Carbon dioxide sensors have become an indispensable piece of equipment in numerous industries and are  extensively utilized in farming, farming, industry, such as growing greenhouses to discover the quantity of gas fertilizer used, livestock farm ventilation, beer, carbonated beverages, the production procedure of energy-saving and also eco-friendly products as well as underground work security manufacturing.
On top of that, in our daily life environment, such as kindergartens, schools, office complexes, going shopping malls, grocery stores, terminals, medical facilities, and also various other public areas, the tracking of co2 focus can boost the top quality of air, therefore boosting learning as well as working efficiency; preventing the prevalence of transmittable illness as well as making sure public health security.


Carbon dioxide meters are utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications, such as drainage treatment, security, as well as specifically underground work, where co2 tracking is necessary. Carbon dioxide detectors are commonly utilized in industries related to CO2, such as steel processing, pulp, paper, cleansing, solvent removal, and cryogenic cleaning.

Public places

Co2 detectors can be set up in crowded places such as boardrooms, classrooms, exhibit halls, health centers, going shopping malls, bars, restaurants, flight terminals, train terminals, amusement halls for airflow control, and ecological top quality surveillance. This is utilized to shield people’s health.


Co2 is connected to the photosynthesis of plants. It is as a result widely used in agriculture. A properly concentrated gas fertilizer can enhance the return of agricultural plants. When the concentration of carbon dioxide is insufficient, we can use air fertilizer, both for the development of veggie plants and also for the improvement of vegetable returns.

Handheld Co2 Detectors-SR510A

The handheld carbon dioxide meter SR-510A: ideal for a variety of area examination applications such as research laboratories, greenhouses as well as mushroom ranches, with a measurement variety of 0-10000 PPM. the SR-510A can likewise be utilized for commercial applications, plus the brief workout time of the CO2 detector SR-510A makes it all set for prompt usage. It has a high-sensitivity NDIR CO2 meter, a detachable rechargeable lithium battery or a different exterior USB power supply, a clear TFT display screen, 20,000 collections of data logging, and data transfer functions for effortless transfer of data to a desktop computer.

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