8 techniques to get rid of dust in your home

It goes away and it comes back. The dust gives us a hard time. No matter how much we clean it, it always comes back to accumulate on the floor, our furniture, under our bed, and in every corner of the house. As soon as it is cleaned, immediately… it reappears. It’s a vicious circle. Does that mean there is no need to dust? No, of course not. Maybe you just haven’t found the perfect method to eliminate it.

Even though you clean your home on a regular basis, there is one constant that you cannot escape: Dust! This concoction of hair, bacteria of every type, pollen, fabric fibers, or mold really drive people crazy, which occasionally stings eyes, and causes sneezes. And besides being annoying, the dust contains dust mites, which can trigger a lot of allergic reactions. Also, if allowed to spread, it may make some appliances function not properly.

However, there are some techniques that you can take to keep dust from piling up in every corner of your home.

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techniques to get rid of dust in your home

Use a damp cloth

To get rid of dust easily and quickly from all your surfaces, the most effective way is to use a damp cloth or washcloth. A dry cloth tends to be counterproductive because it will only move the dust around. Dusting wipes are particularly useful for removing dust.

Change the sheets regularly

Dust contains the dead skin your sheets are filled with! So, in order to limit the amount of dust, wash your sheets once per week!

Use an air cleaner

Air cleaners are designed to enhance indoor air quality by removing both fine particles and coarse particles from the house. Therefore, they are excellent helpers in combating dust floating around inside!.

Vacuum cleaner

To keep a clean home and eliminate dust, it is essential that you regularly declutter. Vacuuming is more effective than using a broom, as the latter moves dust around, but does not get rid of it. In addition to the carpet, also vacuum your curtains, cupboards, mattresses, and shelves. For electronics that particularly attract dust, use an anti-static spray.

Get rid of the clutter

Get rid of the clutter! The best way to attract and accumulate dust is a messy home. Stacks of newspapers, collections of washcloths, or heaps of clothes are all nests for dust.

Mop the floor and avoid the carpet

It sounds obvious, but cleaning your floors limits how much dust can get in there, preventing it from collecting in your floors. In addition, if possible, avoid placing a carpet on the floor which might attract dust.

Wash your pets

The fur from your dogs, or even cats, makes the dust in your house pile up. To dramatically reduce these, consider giving them a good wash!

A useful cleaning trick to follow

In order to push the dust together and pick it up, we recommend the following cleaning technique: “From top to bottom, from the inside out, and from the back to the front. The cloth should work in circular movements so that the dust collects in one place and can be easily removed.

How often should you dust your home?

Different amounts of dust accumulate in different places in your home. The more people live in the house or apartment, the faster dust accumulates. On the other hand, ventilation plays a role in this context. In the city, the outside air is often polluted with fine dust. This gets into the room during ventilation and is deposited on surfaces.

Dusting should be done more frequently in households. However, whether you really do it also depends on your own perception of cleanliness. Some wipe daily, others every three to four weeks. So there is no rule of thumb as to how often you should dust.

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