CO2 Detectors Application Areas

In crowded places such as supermarkets, stations, libraries and basketball courts, the carbon dioxide detector and temperature and humidity monitor can measure the carbon dioxide concentration and indoor temperature and humidity anytime. The operator can control the ventilation rate and temperature to effectively reduce the CO2 concentration and maintain air circulation.

Monitoring CO2 Concentration in Vegetable Sheds​

Plants derive 90-95% of their dry mass from photosynthesis. The CO2 meter can improve the photosynthesis of plants by monitoring the CO2 concentration in the shed.

Vegetables require carbon dioxide concentrations in the range of 1000 to 1500 ppm. The CO2 concentration in the shed varies greatly throughout the day. It will reach a maximum of 1000-1200ppm before sunrise, but will drop to about 100ppm in 2.5-3 hours after sunrise, which is only about 30% of the atmospheric concentration (330ppm). Only in the late afternoon, there is an initial rise in CO2 concentration, which returns to atmospheric levels by around 4 p.m.

Crops need to be cultivated in a closed environment, it is important to ensure that carbon dioxide concentrations are within the right range in order to increase vegetable yields. The CO2 monitor ensures timely alarms when the CO2 concentration decreases, and feeds in the right amount of gas fertiliser to ensure that vegetables, fruit, flowers and herb growth and propagation.

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CO2 Detector for Vegetable Shed Solving Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Large Animal Farms Require CO2 Emissions

Most of the farming of pigs, cattle and sheep is done in captivity. With large numbers of animals, dense spaces and closed environments, these animals usually emit large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Long-term lack of ventilation in confined spaces and high carbon dioxide concentrations can lead to a lack of oxygen in livestock, causing symptoms such as low spirits, lethargy, reduced appetite, slow weight gain and high morbidity. Poor air circulation can easily lead to disease outbreaks, such as poor ventilation in pig barns, which can present problems such as reduced immunity, reduced feed conversion rate and respiratory prevalence.

When the CO2 tester gives a warning, the farmer can adjust the ventilation system to enhance air flow, keeping the farm air moving and the livestock growing in a comfortable environment.

Real-time CO2 Monitoring for Safe Mine Operations

There are toxic gases and carbon dioxide in underground mines, and high levels of carbon dioxide or dust can cause miners to be deprived of oxygen and unable to work for long periods of time.

A carbon dioxide monitor can be placed in the underground environment to monitor whether the concentration of carbon dioxide is within the normal operating range, and to monitor the temperature of the well to avoid accidents and to protect against them.

Keep Public Places Well Ventilated

Under the influence of COVID-19, closed spaces such as classrooms, libraries and cinemas tend to accumulate large amounts of carbon dioxide or bacteria, especially in spaces with large crowds, where windows need to be opened or ventilation systems turned on regularly.

When you place an air quality detector indoors, it will alert you to turn on the ventilation system when the air gets worse, keeping you in an airy and comfortable environment. Of course, we recommend that you always maintain protective measures.

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