Why air purification is essential for pharmaceutical production

air purification in pharmaceutical industry

Dust generation in the pharmaceutical industry occurs during most bulk material handling steps, grinding, granulating, pelleting, coating, and even packaging. Due to the fine nature of this dust, it could quickly deflect and travel long distances to settle on surfaces and cracks in your facility. Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are part of quality assurance that […]

How does a CO alarm work?

CO alarm

A CO alarm is powered by long-life alkaline or lithium batteries and It requires regular checks. The CO alarm should be installed in addition to the smoke detector. All recommended carbon monoxide warners have a display for readings and other indicators. They have regular battery sizes, not button cells. The alarm is at least 80 dB […]

The carbon monoxide detector: what you need to know


Want to improve security in your home? Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can alert you in the event of a fire starting or a gas leak that could lead to poisoning. The smoke detector is mandatory since March 8, 2015, in all residential premises. The installation of a carbon monoxide detector is not required by law. […]

Who needs a CO detector alarm?

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Anyone who wants to protect themselves or their family against carbon monoxide needs a CO detector. A CO detector is designed to protect you from the poisonous gas carbon monoxide by warning you of danger. In addition, there are some professions such as rescue workers, construction workers or chimney sweeps who absolutely need a CO detector (or wear […]

Particulate matter in your home: causes & solutions

Particulate matter in the home

Fine dust in the air penetrates the apartment through the smallest cracks and pores and accumulates there over time. According to studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), even small amounts of fine dust in the air we breathe are enough to impair your health. Find out how you can minimize the danger from fine […]

The invisible danger

Particulate matter pollution

Air pollution does not only become a health risk when it can be seen with the naked eye, but is particularly dangerous when the pollutant particles are at their smallest. Fine dust from the heating systems, industrial exhaust gases and nitrogen dioxide from the vehicles combine to form a poisonous cocktail. It is sadly ironic that […]

Better not to travel there: the cities with the dirtiest air

Air Quality Index

Larger factories, more cars, more exhaust fumes – air pollution is increasing worldwide. In some cities of the world, the air is already so polluted that it is absolutely unsuitable for breathing. We have evaluated tens of thousands of weather stations worldwide and examined the air quality in numerous cities. The results of the investigation are […]

Better air quality benefits human health and helps fight climate change

air pollution

Legislation, technology and the move away from highly polluting fossil fuels in many countries have helped to improve air quality in Europe over the past decades. However, many people continue to suffer from air pollution, especially in cities. Given its complexity, the fight against air pollution requires coordinated action at several levels. In order to […]

10 small things you could take to contribute to improving the air quality

10 small things you could take to contribute to improving the air quality

Caring for the environment is paramount to preserving the planet. We tell you how to take action to combat air pollution. Air pollution affects our health and the environment . It is for this reason that it is important to take steps to improve the air we breathe . Often you can’t even see it, […]

Pollutants in the Air: When Breathing Makes You Sick

When Breathing Makes You Sick

Just take a deep breath – that’s not even possible in many parts of the world, because pollutants in the air pollute the respiratory tract and endanger our health. But what does that mean specifically for COPD patients? Whether it is reference and limit values for fine dust in urban areas, the ozone hole or the […]

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