Application of Temperature and Humidity Recorder

People’s daily life and the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment are related. As people’s requirements for material level increase, the requirements for temperature and humidity in various industries are getting higher and higher. 

In the cold chain, logistics transportation, temperature, and humidity have a significant impact on food and drug. Higher temperature will corrupt and deteriorate refrigerated items in the transportation process. At the same time for the change of temperature, it will cause temperature-sensitive drugs to denature and fail.

TC-100A Temperature and Humidity Recorder function:

(1) Display real-time temperature and humidity values. The user is free to set the number of record entries, time intervals, alarm values, etc.

(2) With alarm function, the value exceeds the limit because of its built-in buzzer, can issue a high-decibel alarm to remind supervisors to take measures to keep the temperature within the specified range.

(3) Cold chain logistics enterprises can export the stored data to customers in EXCEL format via USB cable to make reports, recording 1600 pieces of data.

(4) In the process of cold chain transportation, the recorder can monitor the temperature of the whole logistics process. It can also provide data recording, over-standard alarm, and report services to ensure that the transported goods can be smoothly accepted by customers and show logistics enterprises’ ability to control temperature and humidity.

Temperature and humidity recorder is widely used in cold chain logistics to monitor and record the humidity and temperature data of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products in the process of transportation, widely used in storage monitoring, such as refrigerated containers, cold storage.

In the use of food storage and transportation

Since the food storage and transportation, the processing time is not a short-term problem. Still, the relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an essential indicator of food safety. The relative equilibrium humidity directly affects the growth of bacteria.

The equilibrium relative humidity of hygroscopic substances plays a decisive role. The equilibrium relative humidity is defined as the value of humidity obtained by the surrounding air in the absence of an exchange of water between the substance and the air. This definition clarifies that to successfully store and maintain these products, the control of the environmental climate and the packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, many foods are preserved in too dry conditions, and the taste is somewhat spoiled. Because of this situation, real-time recording of humidity and temperature changes is required to ensure food safety in the consumer’s mouth.

When transporting frozen and refrigerated foods over long distances or by sea, it is essential to prove that the goods have been kept at the specified temperature and humidity conditions at the time of receipt. The solution to the dispute is to put a DEYI temperature recorder in the cargo hold at the time of shipment and activate it, which will faithfully record the temperature and humidity changes throughout the transportation process. The carrier will immediately know if it is responsible. At present, KFC and other well-known fast-food companies are using temperature recorders.

Temperature and Humidity Recorder Factory

Use in the vaccine cold chain

During the cold chain storage and transportation of vaccines, vaccines, and other biological products from the finished product warehouses of pharmaceutical plants to the vaccination of the people concerned, the monitoring and recording of the temperature of the environment they are in can confirm their quality and ensure the effect of immunization. The temperature recorder conveniently and reliably solves this problem.

Different vaccines and vaccines have different requirements for the temperature of the storage and transportation environment. To ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines in the storage and transportation process, it is necessary to improve the reliability of data by testing and recording the whole process of environmental temperature in the storage and transportation process. A high-quality and high-precision temperature recorder can perfectly fulfill this function, because it can record for a long time even without an external power supply.

Applications in museums

In another area where the recorders are applied. The paper of the archives can be stored for more time under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. Still, once the humidity and temperature conditions are damaged, the paper will become brittle and vital information will be lost, so it is necessary to record the data of the archives to prevent malicious accidents.

The use of DEYI temperature and humidity recorder will simplify the work of the records and save the cost of cultural relics storage. This work can be scientific, not subject to excessive human factors of interference.

Use in laboratories

In the fields of medicine, biochemistry, instrument calibration, agriculture, construction, and electrical appliances, etc., laboratory environmental conditions directly affect the results of various experiments or tests, and the conduct of each experiment requires precise and reliable monitoring instruments to provide accurate data on environmental parameters.

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