a-ray/B-ray/Y-ray/X-ray Geiger Counter nuclear radiation detector DY004

  • Quickly detect the intensity of alpha, beta, X and gamma rays
  • Innovative Swiss solid state sensors with high sensitivity and wide energy response range
  • Patented background tracking algorithm to achieve high stability and fast response
  • Large range: From 0.05 uSv/h to 100 mSw/h
  • Built-in 1000MAH large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, long battery life of 120 hour
  • Sound, Light, vibration triple alarm
  • The alarm threshold can be customized
  • The dose rate, cumulative dose and instantaneous alarm records can be queried
  • Ultra-thin shell design, Ergonomic, Easy to grip
  • TYPE-C Charging port
DY004 核辐射检测仪 scaled
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